Squid Game Personality Quiz!

Would you kill someone for $1 million?

Detective Netflix

What is your greatest strength?

Squidgame Unit Netflix

What would you do if another player wanted to kill you?

Player 306 Netflix


What object would you try to sneak in Squid Game Island if you could?

Player 119

Pick a game from your childhood:

Red Light Netflix

Choose a random number:

Squid Game Player Netflix


What is the most important characteristic a leader should have?

What is the best strategy for completing all of the Squid Game challenges?


Pick a Job:

Player 001 Netflix


If you were a Squid Game player, what kind of teammates would you choose?

Squid Game Jang Netflix

Why would you join the Squid Game?


Which one would you do if a friend asked for your help during a Red-Light Green-Light game?

RLGL Netflix


What would you do with the $456 billion Korean won if you won the Squid Game?

Squid-Game Prize Money

Which of the following characters would you pick to be in your team?


Who is your least favorite character in the series?

Squidgame Unit Netflix


A riot breaks out at night. What do you do?

Squid Game Night Riot

What type of game are you good at?

Squid Game Red Netflix

How would you describe yourself?

Squid Game Recruiter Netflix

Pick a food which you are most likely to eat when hungry:

Squid Game Food

What are your thoughts on gambling?

Squid Game Gihun Netflix

Squid Game Personality Quiz!
Seong Gi-hun (No. 456)

Seong Gi-hun

You resemble most with Seong Gi-hun (No. 456). You're tough, dependable, and astute. Sure, you've made blunders, but you'd go to great lengths for your family. Your compassion for people knows no bounds, even if you have failed to fulfill your commitments in life. Even if you've had a run of terrible luck in life, you'll achieve your summit when you least expect it. You are a decent individual. You enjoy hearing other people's points of view and allowing them to explain themselves. Even if people don't think you're kind when they first meet you, you're a genuinely nice person. You're sensitive and concerned about the well-being of those you love. It's heartbreaking to see how awful people can be.
Oh Il-nam (No. 001)

Oh Il-nam Player No. 001

You're fun, wise, determined, powerful, and funny like Oh Il-nam, aka player 001. You're wise but you're also a trickster who can't be trusted!! You seem to be an ordinary person but you hide a lot of secrets. You like playing games and you easily get bored and continuously think of ways to make it interesting whether it might harm others or not. Everyone continuously underestimates and fails to grasp you, but they have no idea that beneath your charming, innocent exterior lurks a powerful, dangerous mind capable of destroying them. You make your friends wisely. You can do anything for your family and friends.
Cho Sang-woo (No. 218)


You may be extremely intelligent, rational like Cho Sang-woo (No. 218) but you are also petty on many levels. You are obsessed with winning and will go to any length to get it, even if it means causing trouble. You are an extremely bright person and capable of quickly figuring out solutions to problems, even in extremely stressful and life-threatening situations. You rely mostly on logic than on emotion to make your decisions. You also have a strong determination to accomplish your goals. You help others too until and unless it doesn't harm you. You care about your friends and family.
Ali Abdul (No.199)

Ali Abdul

You are like Ali Abdul, aka player 199. You are a good person who is compassionate, caring, kindhearted, selfless, healthy but ultimately naive. You're the personification of all that is wonderful in the universe. Your friends don't deserve you since you're unique. You are a good-hearted young person who tries their hardest to stick by their pals no matter what. You matched him because you appear to prioritize others over yourself. You've been taken advantage of by others, and now you're taking control of your own destiny. You constantly prioritize your family over everyone else. You're trustworthy and also helpful towards others.
Kang Sae-byeok (No. 067)

No. 067

You resemble most to Kang Sae-byeok (No. 067). Like her, you are also stoic, smart, determined, resilient, resourceful, and barely express emotions. You're popular because you're smart and quick. You put forth a lot of effort because you want a better future for your family. You'll also go to tremendous lengths for them. You are also level-headed and can stay calm in dire situations. You are straightforward and see little point in overthinking or worrying about what might happen in the future.
Han Mi-nyeo (No. 212)

Han Mi-nyeo Player No. 212

You resemble most with Han Mi-nyeo aka player 212. Like her, you are erratic, smart, impulsive, sarcastic, funny, and loud. You are a sneaky and manipulative person who constantly seeks allies for their benefit. You trust the wrong people easily and end up getting used by them. You are very unpredictable no one knows what you are going to do next which also makes you interesting and unique.

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