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What is the name of Lonnie Byers's girlfriend?

Will's dad Netflixx
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Lonnie Byers is Joyce Byers' ex-husband and Jonathan and Will's biological father. He has a considerably younger girlfriend named Cynthia.

In the opening scene of Season 2, what arcade game does Dustin become frustrated with?

Dustin Will Netflix
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Season 2 opens with the four friends playing Dragon's Lair, a 1983 arcade game noted for its graphics and, as Dustin later admits, for being "overpriced bullsh**."

In season 3, What is the name of the steelworks that Billy is dragged into by the Mind Flayer?

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Billy is dragged into Brimborn Steel Worksby the Mind Flayer.


In season 3, what is the code to open the Russian safe?

Dustin Robin Netflix
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On their way back to Indiana, Alexei explains to Murray Bauman that the key can only be turned off by two keys in a safe, the code being a famous number known as Planck's constant, which Bauman relays to Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers. 

In season 3, who translates the Russian transmission?

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In Season 3, when Dustin discovers a "super-secret spy code" via his long-range antennae, the kids initially have no idea what it says. Fortunately, he brings it to Steve, whose new coworker Robin, is fluent in several languages and translates the Russian message as follows: "The week has been long. When blue meets yellow in the west, the silver cat feeds. If you tread lightly, a trip to China sounds appealing."

How many days did Mike call for Eleven on the radio in season 2?

Mike Radio Netflix
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In season 2, Mike uses his radio to try to contact Eleven. He is unsuccessful, but he persists for at least 352 days.


In season 4, what was the name of Hawkin's high school newspaper for which Fred and Nancy work?

Nancy Fred Netflix
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Nancy and Fred used to work on Hawkins High School's The Weekly Streak newspaper. (REF. S4E2 - 11:30)

Which of the following don't die in season 4?

Chrissy Netflix
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Alexei died in season 3.

Where did Max live before moving to Hawkins?

Billy Max Netflix
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Max was born in California and grew up with a strong passion in skateboarding. Following her mother's divorce and remarriage to Neil Hargrove in 1984, Max and her erratic stepbrother Billy relocated to Hawkins, Indiana.


Who plays Victor Creel?

Creel Netflix
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Robert Englund continued to show his propensity for the paranormal. He played as the older Victor Creel in season 4, volume 1, and sent viewers into a frenzy with his horrifyingly slit eyeballs.

How much money do Joyce and Murray bring as ransom to Alaska?

Joyce Netflix
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Joyce and Murray bring $40,000 as ransom to Alaska.

Who is the guidance counselor at Hawkins High School?

Counseller Netflix
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Ms. Kelly is the guidance counselor at Hawkins High School.


Who founded the Hawkins Middle School AV Club?

AV Club Netflix
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Bob Newby petitioned for and founded the Hawkins Middle AV Club when he was a student at Hawkins Middle School.

Where was "The Nina Project" facility located?

Nina Project Netflix
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"The Nina Project" was the codename for a top-secret government facility and program conceived and developed by former Hawkins Lab directors Dr. Martin Brenner and Dr. Sam Owens in the Nevada desert.

Who is the first person we see die in Stranger Things season 1?

Eleven Max Netflix
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Benny Hammond was the owner and chef of Benny's Burgers, a diner located at 4819 Randolph Lane in Hawkins, Indiana.


What is the name of the school that Eleven and Will now attend in California?

Eleven california Netflix
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Lenora Hills High School is a high school located in the town of Lenora Hills, California. Eleven, Will Byers, and Jonathan Byers have begun attending Lenora Hills High School, with El and Will being first-year students and Jonathan a senior alongside Argyle. Jake and Angela are also students there.

What is Yuri's helicopter's name?

Katinka Netflix
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Katinka is a Kamov Ka-26 helicopter owned by Yuri Ismaylov. Yuri named the helicopter after his first lover.

What song did Will sing while he was in the Upside Down?

Will upside down
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Will altered the tape player in his bedroom, which began to play "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" while trying to contact his mother while trapped in an alternate dimension, aka upside down.

In season 4, Who was defeated by Eleven in Brenner's test?

Number 2
No other
No 005
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Brenner arranges a test/game for the children where two of them will stand in opposite circles and try to knock each other over using their psychic abilities. Bully Two easily dominates the competition, leaving Eleven the last one standing. During the match with eleven, two loses.

Who said this: "This is Antique Chariot's partner, Wheelbarrow." ?

Ele Netflix
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It was said by Joyce Byers.

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