Squid Game Trivia Quiz!

Squid Game is a new Netflix dystopian craze that has scrambled the brains of survival drama fans all across the world, not just in South Korea. The Squid Game is gradually becoming Netflix's most popular series. Memes, which debuted on September 17th, have already taken over the internet and are gaining new fans by the hour.

The series follows 456 homeless individuals/desperate players to risk their lives in exchange for the money they sorely needed. The players were made to play children’s games set up for the entertainment of V.I.P.s. Each game has a unique and lethal twist - and is completely unforgiving of losers.

However, the nine enthralling episodes of the now-iconic TV program managed to bring to light some of the century's most pressing concerns, including socioeconomic and gender inequities, as well as skewed and dysfunctional democracy.

The creator of the popular K-drama delivered an essential message in between savage battles, ruthless rules, surprising betrayals, and terrible deaths. Human nature has a 50:50 balance between good and evil.

If you haven't seen the episode yet, you should hurry because spoilers are all over the place. But, if you are a devoted Netflix devotee, we doubt that you resisted the temptation.

The Squid Game is jam-packed with intricate details, fantastic character journeys, and crazy plot lines. The gripping, dystopian show has spawned a slew of ideas, making it one of Netflix's most talked-about shows this year. Everyone is raving about how addicted they have gotten, and it's one of those shows that you can't get enough of. But, realistically, how much of the show did you pay attention to? This trivia quiz about the Squid Game will put your knowledge to the test.

So, do you recall all of the show's games and what happened in each one? What was the total amount of characters in the group? You undoubtedly think you know the show inside out if you've binge-watched it. We've created an ultimate quiz filled with facts to test your knowledge of the Squid Game.

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  1. This quiz has 25 questions and there is no time limit.
  2. Each question has 4 options and one of them is the correct option.

Good Luck!