Guess the Song!

When we listen to music we like, our brain produces dopamine, making us feel good and giving us chills. As a result, the majority of us perceive ourselves to be music fans. But, realistically, how many of us are true music experts?

We'd like to put you to the test and see how many songs from our playlist you can guess. We've got your 15 popular song audios; below each audio, there are four song choices from which you must choose the appropriate song for the desired audio.

Hope you guess these songs based on audio; while some are very easy to find but others are pretty tricky. Test your skills with this epic quiz!

Don't forget to share your quiz results in the comments section and on our social media platforms once you've completed them. If you have some spare time and you enjoyed this quiz, take a look at the rest of our fantastic quizzes.


  1. This quiz has 15 questions and there is no time limit.
  2. Each question has 4 options and one of them is the correct option.

Good Luck!