Which Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy” character are you?

The Umbrella Academy Quiz!

Umbrella Academy, a black comedy TV series, has fans glued to their seats. If you appreciate superhero shows, The Umbrella Academy is a fantastic TV show that is packed with action and plot twists. It's difficult not to fall in love with these folks and their stories. But who are you in the Umbrella Academy?

Which of The Umbrella Academy's Hargreeves siblings do you most resemble? The Umbrella Academy's members are highly bright, intelligent, and emotionally complicated. We think we know which Umbrella Academy character you're most like based on your responses to these questions.

It's easy to see why it's one of the best programs out there when it's mixed with an amazing soundtrack and humor. We follow a strange family as they try to save the planet. They each have their own special abilities. But that isn't the only thing that sets them apart from the competition. None of the "siblings" are related to each other. When they were all babies, eccentric millionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted them all.

Aside from the show's striking visual features, The Umbrella Academy can successfully evoke emotion and inspire imagination. The fascinating characters leave the audience in awe of their unique personalities. The show's superheroes are unlike any other since they may be relatable and ordinary. However, the engaging performances, complemented by the powerful story, make it tough to put the film down.

Do you have any ideas about who it might be? Klaus? Diego? Vanya? Which Umbrella Academy character are you? Let's see if you get the same character you are currently thinking about after completing the quiz. Ready? Let's go then!

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Good Luck!


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