Am I Gay Quiz? Your Sexuality Quiz

Researchers define sexuality as a broad spectrum covering various sexual desires and identities that may change with time. Many people don’t realize their true sexual orientation until older than 30!

Are you unsure about your gender? Do you ever question yourself, am I gay? Test yourself and discover with this Gay Test Quiz!

Do we believe in the freedom to choose and individuality? We hear about LGBTQ community members and pride parades, and it appears that the changes are slowly creeping into our everyday lives.

Sure, when a celeb is out, they receive encouragement from their fans, but what happens to the people around us? It’s difficult for many people to express their thoughts and feelings without being judged by family members and friends.

You’re here, waiting to take the Am I gay test to get a third party’s opinion instead of revealing your sexuality. You aren’t comfortable with society’s views, and that’s acceptable. Humans are social creatures.

In the meantime, until society completely changes its perception of sexuality, LGBTQ people need all help they can get in fighting for their rights.

If you’re finding yourself in a state of mind that you are emotionally ready to reveal your gender identity or are contemplating the idea, we’ve put together some helpful tips and suggestions that, we hope, can ease the process for you. Take it as a bit of a way to cheer for you!


Spend time learning who you are to know it better. It’s essential to decide who and what you’d like to say. It’s your personal story and experiences – take control!

Don’t push yourself.

Be patient! If you’re ready to show up, then great! If you are unsure, it’s okay. Relax and then answer the following question: “Are you comfortable with people knowing? “

Don’t come out in anger.

This choice should be made with positive thoughts and not from an outburst of sadness or anger. You should be sure to leave in a calm and peaceful setting for your tranquility. In addition, wouldn’t you like people to back you instead of simply shocking them?

Try the Waters

If you’re not sure how people around you respond, ask them their thoughts secretly. Are you friends with gay people with whom you have a connection? Converse about them. Talk about a few of your celebrities, friends, or even your family members.

Are they accepting? How do they talk about what they think of the LGBT community? These are good indicators of their beliefs and positions. Many families will support their family members even if they don’t support others. Keep in mind that you are beloved to them. 

Personalize it

If you decide to make your presence known via social media or other ways that are open to the public could be awe-inspiring. But, you may prefer to share your experience with your family and your closest friends first, in a more private environment rather than this.

If you’re still unsure, an appointment with an expert, such as a counselor or therapist, can aid you in building confidence and clearing your worries and feelings.

Note that this Gay Quiz should not be the sole factor determining your decision. Its purpose is to help you understand your tastes and inspire you to think about the subject yourself.


Many people aren’t a fan of any other thing than heterosexuality. You may be part of an extended family that is against homosexuality. In addition, you could be unsure and fearful. This is when you’ll need the help of your fellow members most.

Many LGBT organizations are seeking new members. Another way to connect with other people is during LGBTQ+ Pride Month, celebrated in June each year.

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, We encourage you to seek assistance from specialized help groups for social and mental health that can include 

  • Human Rights Campaign
  • GSA Network
  • It Gets Better Project
  • LGBT Switchboard

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