The Ultimate Outer Banks Trivia Quiz!

Since the release of the Netflix series Outer Banks, the community of its followers has only grown. Season 3 of Outer Banks on Netflix is on its way. So now is the time for a little trivia quiz to check how well you recall everything that has happened thus far in the teen drama series.

So, how well did you soak it all in? How much of a fan of John B and Sarah are you? Now is the time to find out if you are honorary Pogue material or if you should rewatch the entire series on Netflix. To be honest, if it meant bingeing all over again, I’d take both extremes.

On April 15, 2020, Netflix launched Outer Banks, a coming-of-age drama series created by Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shannon Burke.

Outer Banks is a drama about a close-knit group of local teenagers known as the Pogues who live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The plot of Outer Banks revolves around John B and his friends. He asks his friends to assist him in searching for a hidden treasure that he believes is tied to his father’s inexplicable disappearance.

In a nutshell, it’s a bunch of attractive people who spend a lot of time sweating in their swimsuits, looking for gold. I’m not sure what else will stick with you after you’ve seen it. The quest for their ringleader’s missing father, forbidden romances, a high-stakes treasure hunt, and the growing tension between the Pogues and their competitors transform their summer into one of intrigue and adventure they’ll never forget.

On December 7, 2021, Netflix announced that the series had been renewed for a third season. Netflix’s Outer Banks is undoubtedly a guilty pleasure show, and if you like it, you love it a lot.

Do you know everything there is to know about the Pogues and their escapades? There’s just one way to thoroughly test your knowledge of the Outer Banks, and that’s by taking this quiz. Let’s see how passionate you are about the show.

Don’t forget to share your quiz results in the comments section and on social media once you’ve completed them. If you have some spare time, take a look at the rest of our fantastic quizzes.


  • This quiz has 20 questions, and there is no time limit.
  • Each question has 4 options, and one of them is the correct option.

Good Luck!

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