Can You Ace This Hardest “The Boys” Quiz!

The Boys Quiz!

"The Boys" is an Amazon TV show based on the same-named comic books set in the real world. The Boys was one of the most popular streaming platform debuts. Many people were surprised by it since it provided a unique take on the superhero genre. You may argue it's more authentic. It was also unique and well-executed. That's why so many people adore it and are eagerly anticipating the release of Season 3 soon.

On the surface, it appears to be a conventional superhero show, but it has a layer of truth about heroes and what would happen if they did exist, as well as a more realistic portrayal of our media and modern life, and it isn't hesitant to bring up unpleasant subjects. The series is also rather violent, with a lot of gore and action sequences, which will appeal to those who are bored of PG13 comic adaptations.

If you believe you know all there is to know about The Boys, we've designed a quiz for you. Let's see how much you know about the show. Only 20 questions from seasons 1 & 2 were created, with simple and difficult questions mixed up to ensure that everyone got some points. Will you be able to pass Amazon's The Boys' Trivia Quiz, which is rather difficult?

You'll need to keep your eyes and ears open to get a perfect score on our quiz, which digs through some of the show's biggest and smallest events from seasons 1 & 2 to see how many of them have stuck with you. But don't feel terrible if you don't perform well: there's a lot to take in, and what better reason to watch the series again before the previously confirmed third season?

Put yourself to the test and see how well you recall the season 1 & 2. If you enjoy this quiz, please share it with your friends so that we can build a community of people who like quizzes as much as we do. Also, leave a comment about how well you did so that others can compare their results to yours to determine who knows the boys the best.


  1. This quiz has 20 questions and there is no time limit.
  2. Each question has 4 options and one of them is the correct option.

Good Luck!

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