Only a True ARMY Can Ace This BTS Quiz

Only a True ARMY Can Ace This BTS Quiz


BTS is the most famous musical act on the planet right now, making history with each move they make. BTS is truly a class apart, from being nominated for a Grammy to taking over the Grammy stage in the night's biggest show. Every day, they set new records and create new ones, to the point that they've been added to the Guinness Book of World Records. That is unquestionably not a feat that can be accomplished by just anybody.

The boys have remained extremely humble and caring towards the A.R.M.Y throughout this, understanding exactly what they want and giving it to them. BTS made sure to host a live stream to spend some time with fans after their disappointing (and unfair) Grammy loss.

BTS A.R.M.Y, on the other hand, has been a constant source of support for BTS, supporting them in hitting new milestones and breaking new records daily. Do you consider yourself to be an expert on BTS and its members? It's normal for A.R.M.Y to boast about being the ultimate fan after spending so much time together. Have you ever wondered how you stack up against other ARMY in terms of BTS knowledge?

Good Luck!!

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