Which ‘Riverdale’ Character Are You?

Riverdale Quiz!

Riverdale is based on the little town of Riverdale and the dark secrets that surround it, and it includes many of the comic's other side characters. The TV version of Riverdale and the gang, like any other adaptation, differs slightly from the one shown in the comics. Riverdale follows Archie (KJ Apa) and Betty (Lili Reinhart), Veronica (Camila Mendes), Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), and their friends as they explore surrealism of small-town life, darkness, and simmering craziness beneath them.

Are you a fan of Riverdale, the mysteriously great TV show? Do you ever daydream about what life would be like if you were in the shoes of one of your favorite characters? You probably already know which characters you identify with the most, but do you share their personality traits? You may adore Betty, Jughead, or Archie and be enthralled by their stories, but do you share their viewpoints? Maybe you're more like Cheryl or Veronica than you think.

Do you enjoy giving advice or do you find it difficult to open out to others? What are some of your flaws? Do you enjoy music or do you prefer sports?  Your personality is shaped by your likes and dislikes, skills and weaknesses, and how you use your leisure time. Although no two people are alike, some are strikingly similar.

With that in mind, we bring to you a quiz to determine which Riverdale character you are. Take it to see who you have the most in common with! Find out if you're charming and caring like Archie... stylish and ambitious like Veronica... bubbly and kind like Betty... eccentric and laid-back like Jughead... or determined and energetic like Cheryl by taking this quiz.

To create the most accurate Riverdale quiz, we analyzed all of the show's famous students, parents, and teachers. To find out who your Archie universe counterpart is, all you have to do now is answer 15 fun personality questions.

Good Luck!


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