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Who is Kakyoin Noriaki's favorite musician?

Kakyoin Noriaki
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At one point in the episode, Kakyoin mentions that his favourite musician is Sting. It is a stage name for Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. He was also a founding member of the world-famous rock band The Police

How old was Joseph Joestar in JoJo Part 3: Stardust Crusaders?

Joseph Joestar in Part 3
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In Battle Tendency, Joseph is 18 years old. In JJBA Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, he was 69, while in part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable, he is 79.

What was the original name of Dolomite?

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Masaji Dorokoma, better known as Dolomite, is a minor antagonist in JoJolion. Dolomite, a friend of Jobin Higashikata, is a Rock Human whose body has been largely damaged.

What was the name of the original user of Cheap Trick?

Cheap Trick
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Cheap Trick was first introduced in Diamond is Unbreakable and was originally Masazo Kinoto's Stand and then was briefly replaced by Rohan Kishibe.

Who is Hirohiko Araki's (author) favorite JoJo?

Hirohiko Araki
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Shosuke Tanihara, a Japanese actor, interviewed Araki on all things about Jojo, and one of the major topics discussed was his favourite characters. He stated that his favourite character was Josuke Higashikata, the JoJo of the fourth part, Diamond Is Unbreakable.

What is the name of the street Jonathan visits in order to get proof that his father has been poisoned?

Jonathan and Speedwagon
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Jonathan travelled to Ogre Street, which is located in London's back alleys, to get proof that Dio was poisoning his father. He meets his friend Speedwagon for the first time there.

How many people are required to keep Jonathan from scoring during his rugby game in college?

Jojo Rugby Match
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He gets tackled by three players of the opposing squad while attempting to score the winning run. He keeps pushing forward until a fourth attacker appears from above, forcing him to throw the ball to Dio.

While Jolyne is suffering from amnesia as a result of Jail House Lock, she gives away the spoiler of which film?

Jolyne Cujoh
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Jolyne gives away the ending of the film "The Sixth Sense." Ironically, this section of the manga was released at the same time as the Japanese premiere of The Sixth Sense, implying that Araki handed massive spoilers to all of his Japanese readers for shits and laughs. She said "Bruce Wills is actually dead and he's a ghost!"

What tea, according to Johnny Joestar, grows his fingernails the fastest?

Johnny Joestar
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Johnny drinks chamomile tea, temporarily boosting the speed at which his nails grow back

Which of these isn't something Joseph uses when he is trying to infiltrate the secret base where the Pillar Man is hidden?

Joseph As Mexican Woman
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Joseph attempts to go past the guards disguised as a Mexican woman to sneak into the secret base where the Pillar Man is hiding. It was in the middle of the Mexican desert, so he didn't use any heels.

What was the name of the gang Giorno joins in Part 5?

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Giorno joined Team Bucciaratii - a squad in Passione and put under the lead of Bruno Bucciarati, whose members are all Stand users.

Who is the JoJo in JJBA Part 4?

JoJo In All Parts
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Josuke Higashikata is the JoJo (main protagonist) of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable.

How old did Mikitaka Hazekura claim he was?

Mikitaka Hazekura
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Mikitaka claims to be an extraterrestrial who is 216 years old. He is fascinated by human civilization, but he does not appear to understand it

Which stand can erase time?

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One of the more powerful Stands in the series is King Crimson. King Crimson is portrayed as unstoppable against all other Stands whose abilities do not alter time since he is physically powerful and can erase time and predict the future.

What do the ladybug brooches on Giorno symbolize?

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What is the name of Tonio's restaurant?

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Tonio is an Italian-born professional chef who works at Trattoria Trussardi, an Italian restaurant on the outskirts of town Morioh.

What band was Joseph Joestar listening to on his walkman at the end of Part 3?

Joseph Joestar
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In the original Weekly Shōnen Jump publication of Chapter 113, Joseph mentions that he is listening to Get Back by The Beatles on his Walkman. The name of the song is omitted in the volume release (as well as the TV Anime), but is still present on his cassette at the end of Stardust Crusaders.

What is the Mountain Tim's horse name?

Mountain Tim
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Mountain Tim is a side character and ally featured in Steel Ball Run. Working as a cowboy and bounty hunter, Tim's horse name is Ghost Rider in the Sky.

What is the name of the Locacaca Organization's smuggling group?

Locacaca Organization
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The Damokan Group, led by Tamaki Damo, is particularly interested in smuggling Locacaca fruits. Yotsuyu Yagiyama, Aisho Dainenjiyama, and the A. Phex Brothers all work for Damo.

What does Yoshikage Kira do to relieve himself to express his frustration?

Yoshikage Kira
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Kira's father pointed out that his desire to stay in the background was so strong that when he was bullied or refused his favorite toy, he would bite his nails until they bled, as it was the only way he could show his dissatisfaction.

What technique could Jonathan and Joseph both use?

Jonathan and Joseph
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Hamon (also known as Ripple or Sendo) is a technique utilized in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's early chapters. The user may infuse their body and attack with sunlight energy by controlling their breathing, making it highly powerful against Vampires, Zombies, and Pillar Men.

What ability does Dragon's Dream a Stand of Kenzou has?

Dragon's Dream Kenzou
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Dragon's Dream is a unique Stand i.e. Feng Shui, in that it functionally remains neutral throughout a fight and cannot strike, letting Kenzou deal with the opponent on his own.

What is the ability of King Nothing's Stand?

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King Nothing (Kingu Nasshingu) is the Stand of Norisuke Higashikata IV, featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion. It is capable of disassembling itself into little jigsaw pieces and tracking a person or item using their smell.

What is Yoshikage Kira's stand Killer Queen's primary abilities (bomb) name?

Yoshikage Kira
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Killer Queen's powers revolve around setting up different kinds of bombs that can annihilate Kira's enemies in one blast. These bombs are named Bomb Transmutation, Air Bomb Transmutation, Sheer Heart Attack, and Killer Queen Bites the Dust.

Who is known as Yoshikage Kira's other identity?

Yoshikage Kira
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Yoshikage Kira murders Kosaku Kawajiri in order to maintain his "peaceful existence" and avoid retribution. Kira pretended to be Kosaku after his death and blended himself into Kosaku's family and life.

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Trivia Quiz
Villain Fodder

Angelo Eating A Dog

Well, look on the bright side. You're a perfectly mediocre person with no knowledge of the madness the Joestars experience regularly. Unfortunately, this also means you'd be the unfortunate civilian used to show off a villain's scary powers in the show. But, if you study hard enough, you may be able to avoid this destiny.
One-off Ally

Caesar Zeppeli Death

Okay, it is not terrible. Even if only for a short time, you have enough knowledge to be an ally of the Joestars and their friends. At the very least, you'd make things challenging for the enemies in the series, and your death may even motivate the heroes to defeat them eventually.
Speedwagon Foundation Member

Speedwagon Robert

That's not bad at all! Based on your understanding of the series, you're a general expert on the zaniness of the series' world. If you were there yourself, you would have been right alongside the heroes for their adventures, although in a supporting position.
Stand User

Killer Queen

Nice! Your knowledge of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure universe is impressive. You'd make a fantastic Stand User if you were there, using your expertise in the weird aspects of the universe to fight with – or against – the main characters.

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